Throw back Thursday | Bikram yoga, stand up paddle board and sunrise.

Giving some #TBT love to my amazing friend Kate who is a warrior, a mother, a small business owner and an all around awesome chick. If you live in the area, or are just passing through, you should stop by and check her out

Throw Back Thursday

When I photograph Holiday cards I love to shoot individuals of each person... the initial concept called for Kat to be standing closer to the fire place and hoolah hooping. As you can see from the frames that didn't make it, it just didn't work. We finally decided to move her to the center of the room and to just let her personality show without the prop and it lead to one of my favorite photographs of the year. 

Kat's portrait from our 2013 Holiday shoot.

Our first shot, which held closely to our original concept... as you can see it just isn't quite right.

A step closer on lighting but as you can see... still off.