St. Augustine Wedding Photographer | Julie and Andrew - Riverhouse in St. Augustine, FL

I had a lot of fun getting to know Julie and Andrew and I am sure I entertained them quite a bit during that process... On our engagement shoot one of my (ridiculously overpriced) lights fell into the St. Johns river. We stood on the dock momentarily thinking it might drift back over to us but within a second it was darting to the dark and murky bottom. Without thinking I dove in head first to save it. Andrew pulled me out of the water, gave me a towel from his truck and they finished the session being overly concerned while I shivered behind the camera. 

Julie and Andrew were married at the Riverhouse and told me early on that I was not allowed anywhere near the water. :)

I am wishing you both great happiness and joy, in your marriage. 

Photos: Rob Futrell
my assistant: Sarah Annay
Wedding Coordinator: Karen Erwin

Hair and makeup: Hues Hair Salon