I love my little town | Lori + John.

Here in St. Augustine we do things a bit differently. Most of the year we don't wear shoes, we time our traffic around the Bridge of Lions (a draw bridge that goes up twice an hour) and we patiently ride 2 mpg behind horse drawn carriages. 

Life slows down a bit here in the old city and that gives us a chance to celebrate the things that are important to us like love. :)

Lori + Johns wedding at the White Room right here in St. Augustine, FL. 

My Superheros.

This is my wonderful family and they are all super. Little Bear loves legos, Star Wars and running around the house naked. Elizabeth loves Pokemon, dancing and watching too much TV. Jill, my assistant / wife / business partner, loves traveling and the beach - if she had to choose between the beach and me she wouldn't hesitate to pick the beach. 

This is my team and they fill me with smiles, love, courage and the energy that I need to go out and create art every single day. I love each of them differently - but each of them with my whole soul.