Problem with your X1TN and your Nikon D750? I can help.

When I started out my professional photography career I was purchased a set of Pocket Wizards and 4 Nikon flashes and thought I was set for life - it seemed all of the guys I looked up to had been using the same core lighting gear for over a decade and I should be able to as well. Time and time again I was frustrated with mis-fires, blocked signals or the occasional gremlins that seemed to plague me at critical moments. As a  rapid paced wedding photographer - quick portable off camera lighting is the most important thing in my kit. After a particularly frustrating wedding I went to BNH and ordered one of everything.

Among the varying solutions in the box that was brought by the UPS guy was a set of V850s and the accompanying triggers. I quickly fell in love with the Ving (Godox / Cheetah / Flashpoint) system and immediatly ordered several more to complete my kit. 

When they released the X1TN I was probably the first in line to give it a try. I was thrilled that the same great trigger functionality was still there and that they had added not just greater range and also focus assist on the trigger! It was a perfect upgrade to my run and gun system and the focus assist made my work at dark receptions so much more accurate. 

Sounds too good to be true right? Well a couple of weeks ago Godox released a new version of their firmware (v19 as I am writing this) but it broke the focus assist functionality. I tested this one all 4 of my Nikon D750 camera bodies and all 3 of my triggers... I was crushed. I had become quite reliant on that focus assist and didn't want to go back to what I considered to be the "dark ages".

I have spent the last 3 weeks digging to see if I could revert my X1TN firmware but they don't have an archive on their site and no one else seems to have a copy as well... so when I stumbled across v15 of the firmware sitting in my downloads folder I couldn't believe it. 

Two of my triggers were first gen - I downgraded them from v19 to v15 and the focus assist works again. I purchased a 3rd trigger hoping it would have the correct firmware on it (it is a new version) but it came with v19... good news it downgraded just fine to v15. As I type this the whole kit is running V15 and focus assist it working perfectly.

Here is a link to download the v15 of the firmware for the X1TN. 

I hope this helps - good luck and happy OCFing! :)

EDIT: I was hosting the firmware on Google drive but I moved it so that accessing the archive should be easier.