What is the most important thing for me to do on my wedding day?

A happy bride and groom during their sparkler exit at the Treasury in St. Augustine, FL.

One of the most common questions my brides ask me when we first meet is "What should I remember about my wedding day?" or "What is the most important thing to do on my wedding day?" and the answer is so simple that it can be easy to forget - you just need to relax.

Here are a couple of things I have learned over the years that will hopefully help you find your happy place on your special day :)

  • Don't try to be your own wedding planner. Hire a professional wedding planner! It is an investment in your wedding day that you will not regret. If a wedding planner planner isn't in your budget then delegate that task list to a friend or co-worker who can help keep things on track on your wedding day - just don't underestimate how much work it is to be a bride. You can't be taking amazing wedding photographs with me while you are trying to figure out why the center pieces aren't right.
  • Use quality resources. The internet has no shortage of wedding "experts" - be sure to find a resource that passes the "sniff test". If it sounds good to be true - it probably is. Using a site like The Celebration Society will give you honest 'how it is' insight. They are experts at pointing you in the right direction for vendors, current style trends and a bunch of things you might not have thought of yet.
  • Get good advice. There will be a lot of opinions about what you should or should not do on your wedding day. You can't manage something as important as your wedding by committee - find someone close to you who has been through this before and use them as a sounding board.
  • Start early. More time is better than less time. Sometimes hair and makeup run long or your dress needs an extra pin - I would rather have extra time (that we can use to take awesome photos!) than cut photos short because we have to run to catch the limo.  
  • Hydrate, rest, repeat. As I mentioned above, being a bride is hard work! You can prepare for your big day by getting a lot of rest, drinking lots of water and repeating both of those things as often as you would like. :) Hydrated skin will look amazing in photographs and will help prevent fatigue on your wedding day! Going into your wedding day well rested (and hydrated) will help prevent stress and will keep you going all night long.
  • Remember what the day is about. Remember that your wedding day is about a life long commitment to the person that you love and that is the most important thing - everything else is a secondary detail.

I hope these tips will help you remember to relax on your big day - if you can think of something that I left out please send me a note and let me know!