Danielle + Boone.

When Danielle and I met in person she described the images that she wanted for her engagement photos: classic, simple, elegant. We discussed outfits, time of day, you know, the normal stuff.

On the day of the shoot we had a lot of fun. We moved from set to set and we were both really excited about the shots we had gotten. As the sun was going down Danielle turned to me and said "hey Rob, do we have time for a 'Vadering' photo?". I didn't have to say anything, the speed at which I was setting up the shot said it all. 

Breanna + Brett.

I remember my first conversation with Breanna. She is in the wedding industry and she made it clear to me that she wanted awesome photos. My favorite kind of conversation.

Her wedding day started out with thunderstorms and lots of rain, but not even mother nature huffing and puffing could not stop this beautiful wedding.

Breanna picked the Pena Peck house because of the beautiful flower garden setting with its unique location in St. Augustine. It features a wide open space that is shaded by ancient oak trees. Eventually, the rain cleared and this amazing couple finally tied the knot and danced the night away with their friends and family.

The decor and coordination by Coastal Celebrations