THURSDAY BOOT CO | open boxing photos | #teamthursday

This is a major deviation from what I normally post on my blog, but there is a very good reason. As a wedding photographer the most important piece of gear I have is me. I have to take care of me or I can't do what I need to do. 

On a busy wedding day I can easily rack up 15 miles on my fitbit... as you can imagine this takes quite a toll on my boots. In fact, it only took me about 6 months to wear through the bottoms of a very nice pair of J&M boots. I needed a better solution. That is when I discovered Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson's Kickstarter campaign. They had this amazing idea, what if they merged the durability of a work boot with the class of a dress boot? The created awesome.

Today, my Thursday boots arrived. 

I want to explain this last image. In order to demonstrate how sturdy and durable these boots have been made I took a photo to compare the thickness of the boot to a quarter. 

That my friends, is an awesome pair of boots. Please feel free to stay turned for some photos of the boots in action.