Maury + Cara.

I will never forget the first time that I spoke with Cara (Cara is a designer and Maury is a video guy out in LA)...  she was planning a wedding across the country with her fiance Maury. We talked for a while about what she had in mind for her big day and I was sold...   Their destination wedding took place in a private backyard on a beautiful afternoon in San Marco, Florida.

Day of wedding coordination / decore: Coastal Celebrations
Floral: Conservatorie
Hair and makeup: Amanda Hopcraft

Kelly and Blake

Blake and Kelly can be described with one word: adventurous. My time spent photographing them was amazing and gave me a chance to combine both of my loves - water and photography :) 

Wedding coordinator - Budget Vows

Teach it Tuesday.

Last week I had the chance to photograph my dear friends. The session took place at about 6pm with about an hour of direct sunlight left.  In order to get the look we were going for I used two additional lights: an Alien Bee AB800 behind an Octobox on the right of the camera and a bare Lumipro LP180 behind Gabe and Liana on the left. 

Gaba and Liana's photo out of the camera. 

Gaba and Liana's photo out of the camera. 

As you can see from the source photo, I have a couple of key issues. First, the Octobox and light stand can be seen in the photo which is bad but not as bad as the human hair on the sensor... you can see it on the left side of the screen as a curved line that goes from the top of the screen to the bottom. Using Photoshop and the 'clone stamp' tool I was able to paint new sky, grass, trees and sand into the appropriate spots. If you are not familiar with the clone stamp tool Aaron Nace has put together some fantastic examples of how to use it. 

Here is the final version with the distracting elements removed and some minor changes to brightness and tone. 

Gabe and Liana's final photo. 

Gabe and Liana's final photo.