Happy Labor Day | Meet the Photos by Rob Futrell team | St. Augustine Wedding Photography

Here we spend our weekends photographing weddings and our weeks processing photos, meeting with vendors, clients and sometimes each other. We work pretty crazy hours... and we don't take days off.... we "work" a lot... even today, which is Labor Day here in the US.

I had to look up the origins of Labor Day and if you haven't read about the history of the holiday, you really should. Pretty intense stuff. I feel very fortunate to "work" for so many amazing clients and with such a talented team... so today I am giving a little tribute to the team who keeps this operation running.

First is my lovely wife and second shooter Jill. A fantastic photographer and late night accountant... if only she wasn't a vegetarian. 

Next up is my lovely assistant Sarah. A lot of people don't realize that she is the power behind the social media presence here. She writes the blog posts and does her best to keep up with all of the activity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

And then there is me. 

Life is short. Do what you love with people you love.