What I learned about the Fuji XT-1 in New York City.

On a recent trip to NYC I made a pretty massive change to my camera lineup. Instead of packing my Nikon D800s, with my normal assortment of lenses I opted to go with something far simpler... a Fuji XT-1 with a Fuji 27mm f/2.8 lens attached.

I average about 8 sessions a week on my Nikon bodies, I know them really well - so finding a camera that can compete with them in terms of use and image output is going to be extremely tough... or so I thought. I love this camera.

I might break down some of the lessons I learned from this camera at some point but for now, I am going to let my images do the talking. All of these photos were taken with the XT-1 and edited right on the spot via my mobile phone.