St. Augustine Photographer | 4th of July fireworks in St. Augustine over the Castillo

I felt pretty lucky to have the 4th of July off this year and took advantage of the opportunity to brave downtown. I hope the internet has room for one more fireworks photo:  

4th of July fireworks over the Castillo de San Marcos (the fort) in St. Augustine, Florida.

I am a wedding photographer based in St. Augustine, Florida. Photographing landscapes (and fireworks) is a hobby of mine. Preparing for this photo required several trips to about 12 target locations to find the best spot, where to stand, and what lens to use. On the 4th, I arrived several hours early to save my spot and to photograph the sky as well as the Fort as the sun went down (to bring out additional detail), and layered in several fireworks frames into this single image. This image is the product of about 20 hours of work. If you would like a print or to use a digital version of the photo, please contact me and let me know!