Happy Independence Day Mexico!

I have been fortunate to experiences an amazing side of Mexico while working several weddings there this Summer - getting to see a side of this beautiful country that you don't see in movies or on the news has opened my eyes.

We decided to stay in Mexico for a few days after Priya's destination wedding but when violence broke out in Puerto Vallarta and the consulate suggested it might not be safe for American's - we headed North to San Francisco.  

While out photographing the sunrise I met a local fisherman and his buddy Sam who offered to take us to a secret waterfall just a few hours away. About an hour into the trip Sam asked if we wanted to stop by and see his family, and I said "of course". Down a long dirt road we met his lovely family - warm and generous they offered us fresh fruit (cut from the tree behind me in the photograph below) and treated us to hand made tortillas and ice cold Coke.

We hear troubling stories about Mexico in the news often - but Mexico is a beautiful place that is full of honest, hard working and generous people and I don't think American's get to see it for what is really is.

While in Mexico last week I saw some of the locals setting up for the independence celebration and it looked like it was going to be one heck of a party. Even thought I can not be there in person - I am there in spirit. Viva Mexico.