Teach it Tuesday.

This week I sat down to work on some additional photos for the family calendar... we had about 15 minutes and a very simple concept: 'everyone standing out in the cold'. We started by dressing everyone up in their favorite winter coat... Little Bear grabbed a pair of snow goggles and we started photographing.

The gear that I used: Nikon D700, a Nikon 50mm f/1.4, a couple of Lumipro LP180s, a tripod and a cheap remote that I got off of Ebay. 

Here are the images straight out of the camera:

Using photoshop, I made some slight adjustments to bring back some of the detail that was lost due to the left side flash being a tad bright and I added some digital snow. You will probably notice I painted snow in behind us as well as in front of us... giving it the effect as if it was falling around us. A couple of adjustments to color, contrast and brightness and here is the final image:

Only 11 more of these to go! :)