How much do you charge for weddings? Why don't you have prices on your website?
This is a great question, and one that I get asked daily. I know that it seems like it would be much simpler to have my pricing information published right here but there are several factors that prevent me from doing it. For instance, my pricing and package options vary based on where you are getting married - some weddings outside of the St. Augustine or Jacksonville area require travel that would not be included in package prices. Packages also vary based on if you want digital images, paper / canvas prints or wedding albums. Destination weddings as well as events that take place over several days have different options as well. I create customized packages for many of my clients and I would love to do that for you. If you would like package information for your wedding, drop me an email and I will send all of the information over that you need!

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes! I love to travel and I get excited about bringing a unique perspective to new destinations. For one day events there is no fee when travel is less than a few hours from our home base in St. Augustine, FL. When traveling outside of Central / North East Florida or when your wedding event spans across more than one day we ask for modest consideration to cover airfare, hotel and a rental car if it is needed.

How many photographs will I receive?
The total numbers of photographs varies based on a lot of factors. My minimum average for a full day wedding is about 550 images. 

How long will it take to receive my wedding photographs?
I will provide you with an online gallery within 6 weeks of the wedding. Printed items (prints, canvas wraps, albums) will be provided within 12 weeks.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, I am licensed and 100% insured. If your wedding venue requires a special insurance waiver we can add them to our policy for no charge to you.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use top of line Nikon cameras and lenses. The cameras I use have built in backup functions - this way I have two copies of every image until I am able to get back to the studio where everything is backed up onsite and again offsite. 

Do you edit your own photos?
Yes. All of my editing is done in house by me. This gives my work a consistent look and gives me the creative freedom to push the images in a direction that matches the energy and mood of your special day.