This is the D.I.Y dreamers WEBPAGE! We know it is kind of wired that we are

selling stuff and its called D.I.Y Dreamers but we love doing D.I.Y's so we wont

to share the D.I.Y's with YOU!!!!

Pleas let us know in the comet section if you have complaints ore suggestions.





This slime comes in variety of colors. So far we have... Neon Green,Pink,And Blue. The color you get is a mystery.If You wont more colors go to the comet section.


Fairy Box House 


these houses come in variety of colors,shapes,and sizes. If you believe in fairy i'm pretty shore you'r fairy will love it !!!! You get a mystery house. It might be this one.

Fairy Garden


These gardens come in variety of plants in it and rocks. To follow up on the house this is a grate garden for it. You get a mystery garden it might be this one.



These headbands are made from old T-E shirts. I had fun making them. The headbands are a good gift idea. They have adjustable sizes.



Pleas put Adders if you wont to by something.

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